#2 – Bournemouth

On the 3rd of April, I came to the realisation that I had a day off the next day. It turns out, so did a friend of mine. So we planned a little impromptu trip to Bournemouth.

I finished work at 6.00pm. We met at my house around 6.20pm. By 6.40pm, we were out. It took us just over 2 hours to get to our destination. The sun set was beautiful but I have no photo evidence to prove it. I learnt on this little ‘trip’ that I’m not very good at taking pictures for blog purposes… something I’ll have to work on.

Anyway, we arrived and decided to create our own little den in the living room & order Chinese because, of course, that’s what you go to Bournemouth for. All jokes aside, that was most probably the best Chinese takeaway we had ever had. We ordered from Dragon Inn – 10/10 for e v e r y t h i n g. It was a nice & relaxing evening.

Then came the 4th of April. We woke up, the weather was a bit grim but we just lounged around for a bit. Chinese leftovers for breakfast is obviously one of the greatest ideas ever thought of. *insert Boomerang*

Yes I took this in the morning. Its a mix of sweet & sour chicken, egg fried rice & some Indonesian style chicken. My friend had the chicken chow mein. Scrumptious.

We went for a walk through the Alum Chine which is beautiful. There’s a forest that surrounds the pathway and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Highly recommend roaming around this area for a day.


I admit this isn’t actually part of the Alum Chine but it is something very close to it.

Later on in the day, we decided to go for a drive thru McDonalds. We tried one, couldn’t find it. Tried a second, couldn’t find that either. On our drive to the third, we came across a pub, The Kings Arms, and decided to go there instead. It was faaaaar more satisfying than McDonalds.

IMG_8905I got a beet burger (can’t believe I didn’t get any MEAT, there’s something happening to me) & he got a chicken burger. It was delightful.

But we still ended up driving thru the McDonald’s, claiming a free sundae & getting a banana milkshake that should have been chocolate and a caramel chocolate McFlurry.

It was a quaint little trip & I know I’ll be back very soon. It’s nice to be able to just get away from the rollercoaster that is life every now and then. I wish it was just as easy to pick up and go to somewhere else around Europe just as easily. Maybe next time we can plan it a little better and get a little further away.


Till next time..

#1 – The Beginning

First things first, a huge warm welcome to you. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to read this. If you’re curious about what this blog is going to be made up of, look no further. You’ll find a short insight here (just follow that link).

And now for the slightly longer version.

I am a twenty something year old who graduated from the University of Greenwich in the Summer of 2016.

Graduation, 2016

I worked in Sainsbury’s for a few months after graduation to give myself a well earned break before starting “real” life.

Now, here I am. I work for a Banqueting suite in North West London. We cater to a variety of events which include Afghan weddings, Bar Mitzvahs & Bat Mitzvahs, Gujarati weddings, Civil weddings and more.

I’ve been here for nearly 6 months and have already felt my cultural horizons broaden. It’s one thing learning about ‘when cultures collide’ in University; putting it into practice is the hard bit!

With this blog, I’m hoping to write about the variety of requirements clients want; the do’s and don’ts of wedding planning; the extensive planning behind a Bar/Bat Mitzvah (did you even know there was such thing as a Bat Mitzvah?); budgeting & keeping within your financial limits and the list goes on.

With all these events, why am I not already blogging about them? There is so much hard work & dedication that goes into creating the perfect event.. It’s about time I started documenting it.

Aside from writing about events, there will be other posts to do with life in general, music & gigs, and other not-so-dull topics.

Instead of rambling on, it’s about time I signed off. There’s a lot of goodness to come & I look forward to making this work.

Till the next one, Trushna