#11 – An Event Graduates Guide to Finding the Perfect Job

Welcome back to Event Life. How are you?

Some of you may already know and most of you probably don’t (remember) – I graduated from University just over a year ago in Event Management.

During my first year of Uni, I worked for Holland & Barrett. I was there for just over a year and had to leave as I applied for & was granted the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus scheme during my second year.

The Christmas Cheer Social, 2013
Absolutely 100% sober, 2013

Year two brought me to Finland for two semesters.

Isabel & Trushna eating chocolate at the Karl Frazer Factory

I’d been working for a few years prior to this move (more retail & I dabbled in some waitressing) and wanted to continue that streak. A few weeks turned to months and it proved fairly impossible to find a job. You had to know Finnish for the majority of positions available and, as I was only there for a short period of time, I wasn’t able to pick up the language to a good enough standard. Well… (unfortunately) at all.

A 5:30am Walk Home
Bffl ♥

Instead of working, I spent a bit of time doing my college work and the rest of my time travelling to other countries – St Petersburg, Russia; Riga, Latvia; Stockholm, Sweden (on a booze cruise for a night but it still counts, right?) to name a few – and managed to get my best friend & family out there to visit.

Ilona, Me & Oksana
The Girls Upstairs

I enjoyed the experience of being abroad so much that I tried my luck and applied to work with Camp Leaders. While I was applying, I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself in for. One day, I was on a Skype call to my dad and by the end of it, we were both aware that I had been selected to work as a secretary for Camp Caribou, an all boys camp residing in Maine, USA.

So there I went:

Helsinki > London > Boston & I met the Camp directors there and we made our way to Maine. I worked there for the summer.

Camp Caribou
Staff 5

I must say that this year long journey took me on many trips to a variety of places – sunshine & thunderstorms in Maine to the freezing temperatures of Lapland. I can definitely say that this year has been, up until this point, the best year of my life.

Girls & Boys
Staff 5 Girls

I returned not to my bed at home but as a volunteer for Reading Festival.

And then I went on a family holiday to Greece. Since that year (2015), I’ve had ants in my pants.

I’ve caught the travel bug.

Then came year three. I found a job working as a sales/customer service assistant for Sainsbury’s for around a year. Thanks to some inside connections, I managed to even get a weeks work experience in Sainsburys’ head office within the marketing sector. I graduated from University in July 2017 and gave myself a summers break till I found my most recent job – working as an Events Coordinator for a venue North West London.

University of Greenwich

I went from working part-time, approximately 20 hours a week at Sainsbury’s to working full-time, doing anything from 42 hours to 70 hours in a week. It was definitely a life changing shift. I’d never done anything like this before – there was no work life / personal life balance and I wasn’t wholly happy. I kept finding something in life that dissatisfied me. I was getting upset on a daily basis and I didn’t have much time to do anything I wanted to.

8 months later, I handed in my resignation with 4 weeks notice and was let go 1 week into it.

Now in between jobs I’m wondering wondering: what next?

Stereo-typically, students are made to think that, as soon as they come out of University, they’ll be able to find their dream job on the first try. I have friends who’ve come out of University and found incredible events jobs. I have other friends who’ve stuck with their retail job as they simple didn’t want to get into events. Some others decided to go on to do their masters while some people went travelling instead.

There are so many different options made available to a student – it’s just up to us to be proactive about them and actually make those opportunities OUR reality. I don’t personally think that there is one ‘perfect job’ in this day & age. There’s so many avenues that one can take; the world has so much to give. Why would you want to settle on one fixed path for the rest of your life?

I didn’t have a set plan for my post-Uni life. At the time of graduation, I was working for Sainsbury’s, part-time. All I was thinking around that time was I wanted to take a little break between finishing Uni and getting a real job.

In my case, I secured a job and it didn’t work for me. I learnt a lot of valuable skills within it and met some wonderful people. It was just a bit mentally exhausting and a few undecided weeks later, I decided to do what I thought would be best for me.

At the time of leaving, I had no idea what I was going to do next. I was frantically applying to any job that came my way. Through all the applications, I managed to secure myself some interviews and…

Now we get to the present day – I’ve opened myself up to some new opportunities and know it’s only onwards & upwards from here.

So, as we’ve finally made it to the end, my only piece of advice would be to do whatever YOU feel is right. If you’re in a job where you feel like there’s a constant raincloud over your head, why are you still there? I left my last job with no plan of action and no job lined up. Less than a month later, after lots of self-motivation & hard work, I have managed to secure something which is going to bring so many new avenues; I honestly don’t remember the last time I felt this excited about a JOB! If you need to stay in a job just to make ends meat; do it. Everyone in the world is in a different situation so it’s understandable that some individuals need to stay in a job because of the money. But if you’re fortunate to be in a situation where you have some savings and you don’t have a lot of financial responsibility, try and put your emotional wellbeing and mental health first.

If you’ve made it down here, I salute you. Please comment “I made it!” if you have (lol).

What are/were your post Uni plans? / if you had the chance to travel to ANY city in the world, where would it be & why?

It was a pleasure writing this & I’m already looking forward to what’s to come.

Till next time – Trushna ☺


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