#7 – Bank Holiday Monday

I spent the majority of Easter bank holiday Monday with my boyfriend.

It started with us not really having any specific plans. We cleaned my (might as well say our) room and decided to go out for a pub lunch. We were going to go to a place close to home, but went for a drive instead & went wherever the roads took us.

We ended up going to a pub called The Gate.  Coincidentally, the original pub we were going to go to was also called The Gate. I decided to get jacket potato with cheese, beans & tuna. If you haven’t tried that combination, I’d HIGHLY recommend it. Even with some sweetcorn. And my boyfriend got a steak & ale pie.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-19 at 12.10.20 (1).jpegWhatsApp Image 2017-04-19 at 12.10.20 (2).jpegWhatsApp Image 2017-04-19 at 12.10.19.jpegI hadn’t had jacket potato in a very long time, so this went down a treat. Its well worth the price we paid. And it emulates such a cosy environment. We’d both give this place 10/10!

After building up some energy, we went to play golf. Not crazy golf, but a driving range. I haven’t ever been to a driving range & I haven’t played any type of golf in a loooong time. He started. Then it was my turn. I could barely hit the ball. After what felt like forever, I finally managed to hit it. There was a bit of sulking and I couldn’t help but get super angry because I just couldn’t do it. But then..

This happened. TWICE IN A ROW. And we managed to get it on camera.. I was incredibly surprised, hence the ‘WHAT!?’ at the end. I didn’t even look at where it went. After hitting 100 balls between us, we went back to his house and made biscoff & nutella milkshakes. And that’s my contribution to a chocolatey Easter monday!

For dinner, we decided to return home for mum’s pasta salad (you haven’t lived till you’ve tried it), some roast chicken, potatoes & veggies. We ate with the family while watching Fast 7.

It was a lovely – much better than sitting at home debating whether we should go out or stay in or watch a movie or sleep. This was one of our final days off together in a while. And even though I got a bit stroppy – doesn’t every girlfriend at some point? – it was really nice to do something different and, although all pub grub is the same, trying out new places is always a delight.

Lots of love my friendly faced readers.

Till next time ☺

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